Design postcards, invitations or greeting cards using MyImageGPT

With instant communication reigning supreme, the art of the postcard, invitation and greetings card may seem outdated. However, these traditional paper media retain an undeniable charm and a unique ability to convey personal and touching messages. Whether you want to send a warm greeting to a distant friend, invite your loved ones to a special event or simply express your gratitude, designing a personalised postcard, invitation or greetings card can add an emotional and thoughtful dimension to your message. Here's how to do it with MyImageGPT.

Define the creative objective

Before diving into the creative process with MyImageGPT, it's important to define the objective of your card. Do you simply want to share a friendly thought, announce important news or invite someone to a celebration? Determining the objective will guide you in choosing the style, tone and visual elements of your design. Access the full article here.

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Choosing the format and medium with MyImageGPT

Postcards, invitations and greetings cards come in a variety of shapes and sizes. For a postcard, the standard format is 10 x 15 cm, while invitations can be larger, depending on the amount of information to be included. The choice of medium is also important. 

Opt for quality card stock that reflects the message you want to convey. All this needs to be calculated before launching the visual design with MyImageGPT.

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The texture of the paper and the weight bring out the atmosphere you want to create. A thick, lightly textured paper will add a touch of elegance and beauty, while a smoother, brighter paper will create a festive, cheerful atmosphere.

Before embarking on your visual creation with MyImageGPT, take the time to carefully consider these fundamental aspects. A well thought-out format and a carefully chosen medium will lay the foundations for a truly memorable and attractive postcard, invitation or greetings card.

Letting your imagination run wild

This is where the magic happens! Give your imagination free rein to create a unique and captivating design. For postcards, an image or illustration representing a landscape, a monument or a motif related to your message is often a wise choice.

For invitations, opt for an elegant, informative design, making sure to include all the important details such as the date, time, venue and dress code. Greeting cards, on the other hand, offer total creative freedom.

Personalising the message

The message is the central element of your card. Whether it's a simple greeting, a formal invitation or a touching message of good wishes, make sure it's sincere and personalised. Don't hesitate to add an amusing anecdote, an inspirational quote or a poetic expression to make your message unique.

Similarly, for invitations, go beyond factual information and include elements that reflect the personality of the people involved. A warm greeting, a poetic phrase or an amusing note about the origin of the celebration will add a unique and memorable touch.

Finally, when it comes to greetings cards, give free rein to your creativity and sensibility. Draw on your shared memories, your shared values or your mutual aspirations to write a sincere and inspiring message. Every sentence, every word should be carefully chosen to convey your deepest feelings with eloquence.

Don't be afraid to explore different styles of writing, from poetic to witty to humorous. The key is to stay true to yourself and your relationship with the recipient. A personalised, authentic message will turn your card into a treasure, a tangible token of your true and lasting affection.

Attention to detail

Once the design and message have been finalised, take the time to pay attention to the details. Check spelling and grammar carefully, and make sure the layout is harmonious and pleasing to the eye.

Fine-tune the composition and visual balance

MyImageGPT analyses your creation and offers suggestions for improving the composition and visual balance. It can help you to :

  • centre elements correctly: make sure that text and images are arranged harmoniously and are a natural eye-catcher;
  • adjust margins and spacing: create a feeling of airiness and legibility by optimising the space around elements;
  • Balance colours and contrasts: harmonise colours and ensure that text is sufficiently legible against the background;
  • remove imperfections and noise: get sharp, precise images by eliminating spots, dead pixels and other imperfections;
  • improve sharpness and definition: bring your details to life by increasing the sharpness and definition of your images;
  • adjust brightness and contrast: optimise lighting and contrast for better visibility and more attractive rendering.

With MyImageGPT, you can bring your ideas to life and produce unique creations that will touch your friends and family, helping you to attend to details with precision and creativity.


Designing a personalised postcard, invitation or greetings card is an opportunity to share your creativity and express your feelings in a unique and thoughtful way. By following these tips and giving free rein to your imagination, you can create paper products that will touch your loved ones and leave a lasting impression.